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Lighting Guide: The Living Room

Whether you're reading a book, hosting friends and family, or simply unwinding after a long day, the right lighting can transform your living room and set the perfect mood and atmosphere. The best part? Sometimes, these small but significant changes can make a huge difference.

We explore several small changes you can make to help elevate your living room.

Left: Vibrant living room with a green sofa and modern blue ceiling light. Right: Elegant sitting area with beige tones and stylish table lamp.

A statement centrepiece 

Add a focal point to the room with a statement chandelier or pendant. Not only will this fixture serve as your main light source, but it will also add visual interest, drawing the eye as you enter the space. Take, for instance, our Andromeda pendant - a perfect example of how practicality and style can be combined to create the perfect centrepiece. With its elegantly simple form, swivel shade fittings, and an adjustable arm formation, it embodies both form and function. Additionally, by incorporating a dimmer switch with your primary light, you are able to modify the brightness of your lights depending on the mood you want to create. 

Add table lamps for texture and depth

Textural table lamps are an effective way to provide soft pools of light while also adding depth and a layer of warmth to your living space. In larger spaces, a pair of identical table lamps on either side of the room creates balance, while a statement table lamp on a side table is a great choice for smaller spaces. Don’t be afraid to also mix pieces from different eras to create a transitional design. A contemporary table lamp on top of an antique cabinet for example layers materials to create a timeless and inviting feel.

Create a reading nook with a floor lamp

Not only do floor lamps provide the perfect task lighting, but they also add height and elegance to a room. One of our favourite ways to use a floor lamp is to position it behind a sofa or armchair, creating a dedicated cosy corner for reading. Choose a style that directs the light downwards, such as our Ezra floor lamp, featuring an adjustable light cowl which helps to concentrate the light and direct it towards a particular area.

Left: sitting area with green velvet chair and classic wall sconce. Right: living space with a large arching floor lamp and sofa.

Layer your lighting 

When planning a multi-functional space, combining light sources – layering them – is the best way to meet a room’s lighting needs. For example, a statement chandelier provides overall ambient light to help you navigate the room, while floor and table lamps offer task lighting for specific activities. Then, incorporating a few wall lights to highlight particular features serve as accent lighting. By using this layered approach, you can create a balanced room and highlight specific areas of the space.  

Lighting plays a crucial role in shaping the ambiance of your living room. It is essential to carefully plan your lighting scheme to ensure that you create a comfortable and inviting environment for relaxation, entertaining, and socialising.

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