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Man inspecting a large alabaster globe in a workshop, seen through a shelf stocked with similar globes.

Alabaster; a perfect canvas for light

Close-up of a craftsman's gloved hands finely shaping the edge of a white alabaster globe with a tool.

Alabaster has been used for centuries to create beautiful sculptures and carvings. From statues of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt to the figures of the Renaissance. It is formed from layers of mineral deposits, like limestone and calcite, that over time create a soft, white stone. The smooth, cool surface of Alabaster is the perfect canvas for light to dance across. For this, and for so many reasons, it is one of our favourite materials.

The journey of our Alabaster collection begins in Teruel; a mountainous region in eastern Spain. Blocks of the natural stone are extracted from quarries and transported to the studio of one of our most trusted suppliers. It is here that the raw material is carefully cut and formed into our distinctive designs.

Our designers work closely with the lead artisan of this small, family run business in Sarral. Tireless experimentation of form and texture go into a new design before we closely observe each prototype. Are the ridges deep enough? How does it feel in our hands? We are admittedly obsessed with these small details. But it’s how we feel we can create something truly special.

Every hand carved shape in the collection draws influence from nature. The minimalist sphere of Rhea is a simple design that echoes the soft light of the moon. Waves, ridges and grooves in table lamps like Roca and Blanca create more sculptural pieces – beautiful objects that cast playful reflections and mesmerizing effects across their surfaces when the light is on.

Light passes subtly through the delicate stone, highlighting its cloud like appearance. The softly diffused light casts a warm, welcoming glow - perfect for creating a relaxed and ambient atmosphere in any room. Natural variation in the stone gives each product its own individual markings. No two pieces will ever look the same. Veins of taupe and dark brown form infinite compositions across the surface, making each lamp a work of art in its own right.

All products in our Alabaster Collection are available to shop. Read more about our design process at the Heathfield Studio.


Close-up view of alabaster veining with deep blue shadows.
Close-up of a heavily used industrial machine cutting through material with water jets.
Craftsman in a workshop examining a large white alabaster globe, wearing protective gloves and work clothes.
Close-up of the textured surface of a white alabaster globe.
Over-the-shoulder view of a person marking with a pen over a textured alabaster surface, mimicking a cloud-like pattern.

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