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Close-up of a craftsman welding a metallic component, with sparks flying and reflections on the polished surface.

Metalwork; an accessory for the home

Close-up of a collection of small, shiny metal pins in a container.

Beautifully crafted metalwork forms the foundation of many of our lighting designs. Clean lines or curved arms that frame glass, ceramic and stone. But when metalwork isn’t highlighting another key material, it flourishes as a standalone design in its own right.

Our design approach is the result of exploring movements in interiors, architecture and fashion, and weaving those influences into our collections. When designing metalwork, jewellery plays a defining role. The arch of an earring or the drop of a pendant can spark our imagination and we quickly get working on the form of a new idea. Jewellery is often the finishing touch. It can add a subtle sophistication or create a statement. We like to think the same way about lighting – creating an accessory for the home.

A nice-looking design is only half the story. It may be beautiful but how will it be made? How will it work? The expertise of our technical team ensures our metalwork designs are highly engineered, with a fit and finish that is unrivalled. Initial parts are created in our in-house workshop where we check the initial form and proportions. From there we initiate our development process; testing samples, building and rebuilding prototypes, adapting and readapting the design until finally the finished product looks, feels and functions at the highest level.

Our global network of suppliers and artisans are an extension of our in-house team. When we have a prototype we are proud of, we collaborate with the best makers around to produce fixtures in the finest quality solid metals. A constant conversation from the beginning of this process, to the delivery of our stock, ensures there are no surprises. It ensures each light is the very best version it can be as it goes on to shine brightly in homes and hotels around the world.

Such a versatile material presents endless finishing possibilities. The clean, contemporary forms of our metalwork are elevated by handsome finishes. Our brass is antiqued, polished, or given a satin surface. Other rich tones like bronze, nickel and satin black are designed to create warm accents throughout your interior. To us, the refined and artisanal crafted finishes of our metalwork are what brings the final product to life.

All products in our Metalwork Collection are available to shop. Read more about our design process at the Heathfield Studio.

Close-up of a craftsman welding a metallic component, with sparks flying and reflections on the polished surface.
Worker in a workshop handling machinery to bend metal tubes, set against a backdrop of industrial tools and aged walls.
Piles of brass tubes neatly arranged in a metal bin, showcasing their golden sheen and cylindrical shapes in an industrial setting.
Close-up of intricately stacked metal parts with a golden hue, highlighting their detailed grooves and reflective surfaces.
Hands of a craftsman working on a spinning lathe, shaping a brass part, capturing motion and skilled labor in a workshop setting.

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