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Modern hallway setup featuring a tall mirror above a minimalist console table, adorned with a vase of pink flowers, next to a stylish floor lamp.

City apartment, Studio Asti

Location: London, UK 
Design: Studio Asti

In this Canary Wharf apartment, Studio Asti have established a serene oasis nestled amongst the city skyline. The design pairs nude tones and rich textures with vertical lines and black accents.

Enter the home and you are greeted by a bright, open plan living area; floor to ceiling windows wash the apartment with natural light, and neutral linens are balanced with black accents. The bronze metalwork of our Kobi floor lamp is offset by the marble base and waterlily cotton shade, drawing your eyes up along the vertical lines within the curtains and wallpaper. Two Fero table lamps sit atop a custom sideboard, framing the dining area. The white, grained base of these lamps combine soft edges with angular sections, adding to the deep textures found within the apartment. They introduce an attractive symmetry, pulling the space together to create a tranquil retreat in the sky.

The neutral tones and rich textures continue through to the master bedroom. An accent wall of textured wallpaper adds depth to the bedroom, elongating the space. Our Antero table lamps flank the bedside with the gold frit glass base, and champagne satin lampshade complementing the wallpaper.

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