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Classic living room corner with a ceramic lamp on a wooden table, near a white ornate fireplace and a gilded mirror.

Prepare Your Home to Spend More Time Inside

Read our simple tips on how you can create a cosy ambiance in your interiors this Autumn.

As the nights draw in, the days become crisp and the leaves begin to turn, now, more than ever, our homes are our sanctuary - a place to escape the cold, dark evenings. With the impending shorter evenings, lighting is a secret weapon for creating a warm and cosy interior.

With this in mind, we've put together tips to create a inviting ambiance in your interiors.

Layer, layer, layer

You can easily layer your lighting to achieve a welcoming atmosphere. During the winter evenings, turning off the primary, overhead light source and adding a pair of accent wall lights will help create a comforting setting. Incorporate a few table lamps for a soft, ambient glow and strategically position floor lamps to brighten up dark corners or provide extra light for your reading spot. 

Another way to make a living space feel inviting is by layering textures and materials. For example, our Nita lamp combines a conical Smoked Oak base with a bowl-shaped ceramic shade finished in a grainy, unglazed texture. This blend of materials will not only add depth and visual interest to your home but also make it feel warmer and more tactile.

Embrace the warmth of natural materials

Natural materials such as wood, stone, and woven fibres add a sense of authenticity and warmth to interior spaces. For example textural ceramics, like our Nuri table lamp, offer distinctive surfaces and tactile qualities that introduce subtle accents to any room. Through the natural veining in earthy tones of rusty and sandy beiges, marble is another material that provides a unique and elegant way to add depth to your living space. Our Rosa and Clio table lamps, crafted from Breccia Capraia marble sourced from Lucca, Tuscany, showcase this delicate veining that beautifully comes to life when the lamps are lit.


Choose the right lightbulb

While brighter, whiter light is better suited for productivity and task-oriented activities, a yellow-tinted bulb is warmer and softer, ideal for creating an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. We recommend you opt for bulbs with Kelvin ratings around 2,700K. To achieve consistency and uniformity in your lighting, ensure that all light bulbs in your living room have the same colour temperature. Using bulbs with different colour temperatures can create an unbalanced look and feel.


The importance of dimmers

Enhance the ambiance of your home by installing a dimmer switch for your main light. This switch allows you to modify the brightness of your lights depending on the mood you want to create. For instance, dimming the lights can help you establish a warm and intimate atmosphere during movie nights, or a brighter space if you are working.

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