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Close-up of a table lamp with a textured stone base and a smooth beige lampshade on a wooden table.

Introducing the Itero Collection part III

Little by little, we’ve revealed our new Itero Collection over the last few weeks. In our first look, we explored what this new collection means for our design approach and its evolution in a more contemporary direction. In our second, we shared a few more pieces that highlighted the collection’s Japanese undercurrent – an influence you’ll find both in the finished pieces and the ideas that shaped them. Today, we’re completing the picture by unveiling the final five pieces of the Itero collection.

Countless hours of refinement with our skilled makers went into each piece before it could be considered complete, and the Dura table lamp is no exception. The base is cut from a block of alabaster specially sourced from a quarry in Spain.

From there, our designers worked closely with the lead artisan of one of our most trusted suppliers, a small, family-run business in Sarral, to achieve the lamp’s hand-carved finish. You’ll find undertones of texture and tactility throughout this collection, but the Dura, with its distressed surface, is an especially fine example of it.

The full Itero Collection is now available to shop. For queries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team who will be more than happy to help.

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