An Interview With Riviere

An introduction to Riviere rugs

Riviere was founded in 2005 by Camilla & Leo Riviere. With backgrounds in art and design, they have a thorough understanding and appreciation of classical & modern architecture, paintings and interior. Having also travelled extensively in Europe & Asia, their inspiration draws heavily on these experiences. The collection is entirely handcrafted in Riviere's workshops in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal and in India. Using only the finest grade, hand carded and hand spun Tibetan wool and pure Chinese silk, the rugs are hand woven with a minimum of 100 knots per square inch. Riviere rugs are unique - combining craftsmanship and creativity to produce pieces that are original, beautiful and will last for generations.

As part of the Riviere craft week collective installation, the Heathfield & Co Constance Antique Brass and gold Floor lamp sat perfectly alongside 2 new rug designs, Layar and Omina, highlighting great craftsmanship and design.

A simple yet decorative floor lamp in an antique brass finish with blown smoke glass detail and luxurious gold tassel.
Photography: Franklin & Franklin

What do you think makes Riviere rugs unique?

Riviere is able to offer its portfolio of designs in a vast range of colours and in an extensive range of yarn, including Tibetan wool, pure Chinese and bamboo silk. The Company also offers a fully bespoke service for completely unique designs.

Our rugs are unique – combining craftsmanship and creativity to produce pieces that are original, beautiful and will last for generations.

What led you to initially establish your workshop in 2005?

During their travels in Asia, they fell in love with the craftsmanship involved in rug making and they’ve decided to create their own collection of rugs.

Currently, what are some your preferred materials and fabrics to work with in your range?

We are constantly developing and sourcing the finest materials. We use sustainable sourced finest high-grade Tibetan wool, one of the most prestigious and resilient wools on the available: The high altitude at which Tibetan sheep are raised gives the wool a higher lanolin oil content, naturally stain resistant. Pure Chinese silk the most luxurious fibres on the planet is for weaving as is Botanic silk and bamboo silk are eco-friendly and stain resistant. Both carry high sheen and look and fell similar.

What are some of the key influences behind the design and aesthetics of the range?

Although we avoid trends and fashions our rugs are designs are influenced by classic and modern Architecture, art, historical fabric patterns and prints. Our rug designs go on to become modern classics for both contemporary and traditional interiors.

What type of interior(s) do you envisage the collection being most suited to?

We mostly work on hi-end residential projects, from townhouses to country houses, yachts and hospitality too.

You recently featured lighting designs from Heathfield & Co at your showroom for the London craft week. What was it about these particular lighting designs that complemented the ‘new decorative collectables’ aspect?

In order to celebrate London craft week, we have collaborated with upcoming artists and furniture suppliers to highlight the very best of fine craftsmanship and artistry. We’ve created a showroom display showcasing eclectic pieces from brands who share the same passion for hand crafted products. We think that Heathfield and Riviere share the same philosophy for beautifully hand crafted bespoke pieces for the interiors industry.

What’s inspiring you this year?

We’ve noticed that bold colours and geometric patterns have made their return. Reminding of our travels in India. These have influenced an introduction to stronger accents of colour to our Collections which tend to quietly anchor interior schemes by bringing spaces together. We’ve developed interesting new Designs to launch at LDF and Decorex International in October this year .

What is your personal favourite Heathfield & Co products to date and why so?

We love Halo Table Lamp, we find it such an original piece suitable for a myriad of settings. The prestigious Alabaster chosen for the body paired with the brass metalwork and the opal glass sphere, make this piece a must have object for collectors to enjoy for years to come. We’ve fallen in love with Constance Floor Lamp too. It’s such an elegant and sophisticated piece. Featuring hand blown Smoke glass detail and a luxury gold tassel, it added a special touch to our display for craft week.

The Halo table lamp, by Heathfield & Co

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