Introducing Boheme

Heathfield 55255

From bold colour and luxurious fabrics to metallics and detailed pattern, our carefully curated collection of table lamps, floor and wall lights embellishes the essence of Boheme.

Adding Luxury and glamour the Boheme style is a balancing act between eclecticism and carefully thought-out design. Inspired by bold prints, strong textures and rich jewel colours, we wanted to present a captivating visual theatre.

Products in the collection:

Table lamps: Herzog Antique Gold | Vivienne Natural Green | Yves Antique Brass | Mirande Olive

Wall Lights : Bronte wall light in antique brass | Medina wall light in antique brass

Floor Lamps: Veletto

Heathfield 55044 V2
Heathfield 54925 V2 COL
Heathfield 55110
Heathfield 55230
Heathfield 55429
Heathfield 55299
Heathfield 55349
Heathfield 55497

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