An interview with Robert Langford

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Founded in 2005, Robert Langford is an industry trusted designer and manufacturer of British furniture, providing classic made to measure collections and an extensive in stock offering to both residential and commercial interior designers. We were delighted to be asked to supply products for their new showroom display, created by interior designer Anna Standish for Focus 2019. Our Andromeda pendant, Ronni floor lamp and Babylon Ivory Crackle table lamp were carefully specified to complement the mid-century Palm Springs brief. The exceptional display was then recreated for Robert Langford’s Decorex 2019 exhibition stand.

Following the success of this collaboration, we spoke with founder Robert to find out more about the company, his influences and future aspirations.

What inspired you to start the company?

I wanted to launch a range of furniture that would be easy for designers to use, from the styling, to colour, price and delivery. I realised how difficult a designer’s job is and how being let down by one supplier starts a chain reaction of disappointment to the end user. I wanted to be the company that designers know won’t let them down.

What are your most prestigious moments and influences?

My biggest role model in business, life and class is Bernie de Le Cuona. She took a chance on me and moulded me in this industry and I will always be grateful to her for her knowledge, friendship and ongoing support. The late Annie Stevens, the most formidable and fantastic person, who taught me not to fear, hosted industry parties to launch my company and for some reason, took me under her wing. I miss her fiercely. David Hicks, the king of style. I read his books instead of comics as a boy. If you are ever stuck, ask, what would David Hicks do?

Can you tell us about any exciting current or future projects?

I am working with some of the most amazing designers, helping them to deliver their vision to their clients. I don’t get involved with dealing with the end client, which is a relief to be honest! We plan to launch our first sustainable upholstery collection by design week 2020, it’s the future.

How would you describe your signature style?

Keep it simple, keep it classy, make it easy to use, that’s my motto. There will also always be a touch of the ethnic to honour my African roots.

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What do you like to collect?

Cook Books, I de-stress by cooking up a storm with the music blaring and a glass of wine in the hand!

At the moment I’m listening to…

Black Pumas (amazing new band) and Blood Sweat and Tears (their 1968 album, it’s genius).

If money was no object, what would you buy?

A house, overlooking the heads in Knysna, South Africa, with enough space for all my
friends to retire to.

What will you always treasure?

My parents, I see them reflected in things that I do daily. If you haven’t called your parents today do it…One day it will be something you will yearn to be able to do.

My favourite pastime is…

Spending time with my Beagles, they are a handful but the best!

I chose Heathfield products because?

The designs are classy, the availability excellent and the team a joy to work with.

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